RADICI Hybrid is the hybrid system engineered by Sit-in SPORT for natural/artificial turf surfaces.

Thanks to an innovative technology, artificial turf is tufted on a special primary backing, 100% PE, produced with the "RACHEL" net technique and fixed on it through a 100% PE film. This combination of materials, belonging to the same chemical family ( polyolefins ), creates a system that is 100% recyclable, as certified by the independent laboratory CSI on the "RECYCLABLE PLASTIC" certificate - License RCP 190020.

From a functional point of view, this structure guarantees the perfect "coexistence" of natural grass with the artificial one, ensuring at the same time both long durability and strong resistance.

As a matter of fact, we have to consider that the roots of natural grass grow deep inside this special artificial support which, in addition to increasing the density of the natural grass with its own artificial filaments, ensures a strong fixing of the single natural tuft to this artificial backing.

Consequently, the hybrid solution guarantees a much more regular and stable surface than a 100% natural one. It avoids also all the problems regarding the tearing of the tufts, the detachment of the clods, and increases the safety and the satisfaction of the players.

Concerning the intensity of use, a hybrid surface allows to use the plant about three times more than the natural one and has a significant reduction in the impact of maintenance costs.

The product is available both for installation by "seeding" and pre-grown in clods.

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